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Asian Pride

2 Apr

Singapore’s inaugural Men’s Fashion Week Asia will span 5 days from 30 March to 3 April. Notwithstanding minor technical glitches, it was a pretty awesome experience. The show on Thursday featured works from homegrown designers like Elohim, Reckless Erika, Evennodd and Atzu.

Singapore’s local fashion scene is nothing short of splendid. I’m so glad Singapore has decided to host MFW Asia as a platform to shed light upon emerging talent. In particular, I was intrigued by ATZU’s collection. With the structured shoulders, planar designs and the bold use of black and white, it stood out as being unique and innovative.

Utt in ATZU

Reckless Erika

Not forgetting Reckless Erika! With her simple yet effective cuts, it made all the models look spiffy. Her work channels a sort of understated elegance which would be welcomed by many.

We were goofing around, when we spotted a familiar silhouette together with a lady who was seemingly enamoured by this gangly figeur. Oh! It happened to be Philip Huang, born and raised in America, and is one of the first Asian models to break into the international modelling scene.

Having traversed the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and more – he is currently the face of Kenzo and is on the favourite-list of many designers. Aside from his chiselled features and staggering height (ok maybe it’s just me, i’m not very tall), what struck me was his unassuming aura.

Image courtesy of Huiyi

Being world-famous could either make or break you. Having tons of attention lavished upon one may turn a person into a diva or a snob, and understandably so. Which is why I feel staying true to yourself is no easy feat, and it appears Philip has managed to do that. Kudos to him, I’m sure he’ll go a long way.

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