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Let’s Turn the World Inside Out

8 Mar

Can art change the world?

“It can change the way we perceive the world. And although art can’t change things per se, it makes it a neutral place for exchanges and discussions. That, is what enables you to change the world”

Take your photo, let it be what you stand for. Explode it for the world to see.

The instructions are simple:

  • Think about what you care about.
  • Take picture looking straight into the camera.
  • Take picture up against a plain background, no patterns, texture, etc.
  • Take a picture of your face only. Do not include any other body parts.
  • Feel free to tell more in your story and don’t limit yourself.
  • Get your poster out there. (See “Ways To Post”)
  • Take a picture of your photo out in the wild and upload to site with location.

Play your part, be part of a global art project. Check out www.InsideOutProject.net for more details.

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