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Dear Future Me

7 Feb

A while ago, Chris introduced me to FutureMe. Basically, you can write anything and post it to a future you/person of your choice. Pretty cool – memories fade, but emails don’t. Write something witty or useless so you can laugh at yourself sometime down the road. Or you could make use of it to write something meaningful to others.

Here are some of the more curious entries (from the public domain – you can choose to make your letter private):


Done anything worthwhile? Cured cancer? Created a unified field theory? Dug yourself that cave? Held yourself that perpetual party? Been into space? Written the Great American Novel?

I thought not.

I’m so disappointed in you.


written Jul 4th, 2006, sent 11 years into the future, to Apr 8th, 2018

Dear Future Me,

I have become completely, though temporarily addicted to talking to you. I like the idea of you receiving bits of the past, piece by piece, rather than in complete detail. I like the fact tht you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to recieve the next message. It might be some trivial concern. Or I might say something very emotional and personal. It might contain the very wisdom you need to get through the day.

You never know. I’ve been a little blue lately because of ending things with S. Perhaps you’re still friends with her. Probably not, though. Just remember that you had some lovely times with her.

I like the idea of addressing “myself” in the second person, the idea that when I read this, I’ll be a much different being. I’m starting to become sentimental or reflective, and I know you’ll probably find that a bit tedious. I think one of the things that impressed me about many of the “future letters” is how they seem to serve a therapeutic purpose: reminding future selves to get massages, to go out more, to enjoy life, to get work done. Above all, to be happy.

Be happy.

written Oct 7th, 2003, sent 1 year into the future, to Oct 11th, 2004

End of the world

Dear FutureMe,

Tomorrow will be the end of the world. Drink a couple pints before you go, to cushion your system. Oh, and don’t forget your towel.

written May 31st, 2006, sent 6 years into the future, to Dec 22nd, 2012

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