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Dealing with Death

20 Mar

I’m working on a paper that critically reviews Singapore’s work safety laws. I was appalled when I discovered more people die at work than by being murdered. 55 v 20, depressing. That being said, I like icings on cupcakes, so I was trying to come up with a snazzy title.

“Working to Death”

“Repercussions of Workplace Death”

“Corporate Massacre”

“The Dawn of a New Age?”

“Till Work Does Him Apart”

Then, I listened to Queen. Which was when I stumbled upon gold: “Dealing with Death” –  A mix of corporate dealings, actual dealings, sympathy for the dead workers and coping with the persistence of death in the workplace, all in one. It’s fascinating how music inspires in surprising ways. I miss Freddie Mercury. It’s true, the good die young.

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