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Line by line

10 Feb

Something as simple as a line, when accumulated, can form a mind-blowing piece of art. Carine Brancowitz’s works speak for themselves. Armed with an inexpensive biro pen, it is amazing how she makes space, colour and objects fall into place seamlessly.

This made me reflect on the different perceptions I had over time whilst creating art. At a younger age, when I got bored of working/looking at my drawing, I stopped. As the years went by, I found myself looking past the initial ugliness and just kept my hand moving – at times, unwittingly going into auto-pilot mode.

I used to tell myself, if I want to be better at what I am doing, I should follow the adage: “practice makes perfect”. To a certain extent, that made sense. But I have learnt that it is more important that you do not sweat the small things. The difficulty is in stepping back and looking at the bigger picture from time to time. Being able to stay calm and carry on even when sh*t happens is contingent on one’s level of maturity. Sadly, attaining maturity is not within our locus of control. It just happens.

What is within our locus of control is accepting that it is ok to make mistakes in life. Life is not a negatively marked test. You start from nothing, you end with nothing. There is nothing to lose. So why not take a leap of faith today.


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