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Life is fragile

20 Mar

Ten things i learnt not to do with my life:

10. Count backwards

9. Count unnecessarily

8. Keep count

7. Start to count

6. Ask why not count

5. Fake count

4. Countenance

3. Three two one

2. Count too

1. Not to count



13 Mar


Ideas are not your children. Don’t be afraid to let them get shot down.


10 Mar

Courtesy of Vinganapathy


What is it?

25 Feb

Family, is forever

22 Jan


21 Dec


Someone bring “The Calling” back please

Live fast die young

8 Nov


27 Jul


11 Jul


5 Jul

“You are 1 person out of 7 billion people

On 1 planet out of 8 planets
In 1 star system out of 100 billion star systems
In 1 galaxy out of 100 billion galaxies

And you are enormously insignificant. “


10 Things That Should Never Go Out of Style

14 Apr

When I got sick of Renvoi and Ruritania yesterday, I flipped through Scott Schuman’s book. 10 things popped out at me. Quick sketching really helps to destress. I totally swear by it. On a happier note, school’s finally out!

Aviators & Hair

Androgyny & Gloves

Smiles & Scarves

Plaid & Hoodies

Colour & Confidence

Fashionably Late

5 Apr

What’s one major takeaway from my Men’s Fashion Week experience? Be fashionably late.

The show was scheduled to commence at 8, yet it is common knowledge that fashion shows never begin on time so we assumed the show would start around 9. Later, we heard that it would start at 10. Fair enough, some time could be killed by aimlessly walking through the Fashion Metropolis.

Close to 10, the hall started filling up, everyone was pumped for the closing show. At 10 sharp, a booming voice echoed through the halls, “Thank you everybody for waiting……”

“… The show will begin in half an hour”. I swear I heard groans somewhere down the isle. I appreciate the organizers’ attempt to keep us preoccupied with Designaire magazines – but perusing it takes 15 minutes tops. One could pass time by counting to infinity, but we preferred to kill time by observing the crowd.

Our initial excited chatter turned into telescopic people-watching: “Eh, eh, to your 11 o’clock – see the person with the big hair? Is that a man or woman?” Midway, our conversation was pierced by ominous sounding music. At last, Song for the Mute, the last show of MFW 2011 – begins.

If I had to describe the collection in 3 words, it would probably be: unconventional, dynamic and solemn. The solemnness is further perpetuated by the powdered-up models, slinking through the halls barefooted.

To wrap up the night, Frank Cintamani, Chairman of MFW Asia 2011 proceeded to auction off items such as luxury watches and a painting to raise funds for the Tsunami victims. I can’t put my finger on it – but he has an interesting sense of humour.

The painting looked like that, but with slight variations

“I don’t know what it’s for, I don’t know who painted it, but i’ll try to sell it”… “It’s a black and white painting of a half naked guy… He looks tortured. You should buy him and take him home,” he quipped.

Models adorned in the ‘Fashion for Passion, For Japan’ shirt started to illuminate the walkways with their electric candles. They then staggered themselves along the walkways. It’s amazing how they are able to stand so placidly with hundreds of eyes on them, and with trigger happy people firing shots left-right-centre.

Frank proceeded to announce Women’s Fashion Week is scheduled for September this year. Three cheers for that. Men’s Fashion Week is certainly a step in the right direction! What a breath of fresh air, Singapore. I crave for Milan’s Fashion Week in June – kind of bummed that I’ll be overseas for part of the Audi Fashion Festival in May. For now, books are my friends.

Us (Image courtesy of Huiyi)

Asian Pride

2 Apr

Singapore’s inaugural Men’s Fashion Week Asia will span 5 days from 30 March to 3 April. Notwithstanding minor technical glitches, it was a pretty awesome experience. The show on Thursday featured works from homegrown designers like Elohim, Reckless Erika, Evennodd and Atzu.

Singapore’s local fashion scene is nothing short of splendid. I’m so glad Singapore has decided to host MFW Asia as a platform to shed light upon emerging talent. In particular, I was intrigued by ATZU’s collection. With the structured shoulders, planar designs and the bold use of black and white, it stood out as being unique and innovative.

Utt in ATZU

Reckless Erika

Not forgetting Reckless Erika! With her simple yet effective cuts, it made all the models look spiffy. Her work channels a sort of understated elegance which would be welcomed by many.

We were goofing around, when we spotted a familiar silhouette together with a lady who was seemingly enamoured by this gangly figeur. Oh! It happened to be Philip Huang, born and raised in America, and is one of the first Asian models to break into the international modelling scene.

Having traversed the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and more – he is currently the face of Kenzo and is on the favourite-list of many designers. Aside from his chiselled features and staggering height (ok maybe it’s just me, i’m not very tall), what struck me was his unassuming aura.

Image courtesy of Huiyi

Being world-famous could either make or break you. Having tons of attention lavished upon one may turn a person into a diva or a snob, and understandably so. Which is why I feel staying true to yourself is no easy feat, and it appears Philip has managed to do that. Kudos to him, I’m sure he’ll go a long way.

Slumber with a Key

21 Mar

Need to get those creative juices flowing? I read on Art of Manliness, that if you wake yourself the moment you enter the sleep zone, it allows an unbridled flow of creative energy to surge forth.

This is what Dali termed ‘Slumber with a Key’, one of his fifty secrets of magic craftmanship. Dali’s approach was to nap on a chair with a key between his fingers. The moment he fell asleep, the loud clang of the key dropping against a plate placed under his chair would startle him awake. Apparently, this allowed him to tap on the realm between one’s conscious and subconscious.

It’s definitely worth a try, since it also gives me an excuse to take more naps.


19 Mar

“It’s a shame to only have dreams at night. You should have a few opportunities during the day.”

To be in a space. A transforming space. Not necessary calming, but certainly transforming, and you thank God for that.

There are many forms of communication, and communication of objects is something so close to us. We are constantly in a dialogue with these objects. You can actually hear the pieces talking to each other.

There is something subconscious about it – and the same could be said about music. Even if there are 50,000 people watching the same band at the same venue, they are all having a very different, very private subconscious reaction to it.

That’s Roman  & William’s devotion to the creative process. They want to accuse different people’s memories in different ways.

It’s all about a dreamy subconscious force.

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