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My Recurrent Dream

20 Oct

(via Luke Pearson)


I want to be here

16 Sep

Word Salad III

6 Sep

I was at a certain coffee joint and wanted to try the new flavour, Strawberries and Cream. Except it wasn’t sold in a normal cup, but in a transparent tumbler which was banded together with the drink for 20 bucks.

Never mind, i’ll have a scone instead. But the girl at the counter wasn’t allowed to sell me one. “We’ve reached our sales quota of 20 bucks worth of scones at this joint..”

As she trailed off, her manager suddenly appeared from behind and boomed, “O balls, you’re not supposed to say that! It’s trade secret! You’re in trouble.”

She suggested some sort of beverage, but I explained I just had coffee and tea and more caffeine would be too next-level shit. I proceeded to renegotiate for the scone or the standard version of Strawberries and Cream.

Out of the blue, her colleague saunters in with an armful of Strawberries and Cream in cups. Therein lies the problem. They are still frozen, and won’t thaw until the next working day.

Her gung-ho colleague went “没事。”, whipped out a saw and shaved the rock-solid sides off right in front of me so I could drink the substance in the middle. Whaa?

K so I did get what I want, albeit in the weirdest fashion ever. I wonder what this means. Maybe I should buy 4D – 2020.

Word Salad II

2 Mar

It appears that there’s a new compulsory module at SMU, music studies.

We were split into groups and assigned a standard piece. Each week, we take turns to perform. It was our group’s turn this week. The first person went up. Got comfortable. But hey where’s the score?! We searched the entire line of desks, nothing.

I had my script written in short-hand (?!?). Volunteered to play to kill time whilst they searched.

Class ends. Too bad for us. “Make sure you don’t end up like this group,” she warns the rest of the class. A couple of them started crying. It’s a straight zero for our entire group.

As it turns out, Prof found the score on the piano top. Well hidden under the piano lace. Fantastic. We all get a second chance. Alas, if only we had searched the most obvious place.

Oh yeah, that’s the paradox of consequences for you.

6:35 am. Bzzzt.

Mum thought our connection was down and was about to rush me to some place with net access. In actuality, i had mistakenly turned off the modem switch. Sigh, could have gotten 1 hour more of shut-eye.

Groggy me will now proceed to edit the memo…

Word Salad I

22 Feb

I saw myself die. How? Too vague. I’m not sure if I was underground, but I saw a box. He was there and we could converse since I was supposedly, dead. I could walk out and about, but he couldn’t. He was locked in. His box was sealed too tight, and beneath the lid were more protective layers of newspaper. For some reason, the box was transparent, and it was massive. Lots of headroom. He waved furiously, it’s been a long time.

Apparently, the living could still see me as my death was incomplete. Only some people could, at least. They wanted to resurrect me, still searching for a ‘cure’. My mum was the most miserable, searching endlessly. But, my sister was enjoying the half-dead sibling. Kept poking fun, or making me do things a homo sapien was incapable of.

The scene changes. I found myself back in NY, it was an assembly ceremony. A space was left for me. Some could see me, some couldn’t. Those who couldn’t had perplexity scribbled all over their faces, for those who could appeared to be speaking to nothingness. That nothingness was me.

I got startled awake by a sound, my fingers and leg were stiff as they were plastered down. Are my bones still growing? Best not to move them.

Back to dream land.

My alarm rang incessantly – 10.30am.  I keep forgetting that I don’t need it this week since it’s the holidays. Press and hold the red button. Drowsy me, dozed back to sleep.

This time, I was back in A&G. Reporting for my first day of work, and late.

“Sorry, I just came from the hospital.” (I remember hospital was just a watered down version of what happened, but at this moment, what actually transpired is now a fuzzy memory)

New batch of interns. I saw a familiar face, I called out her name and ran up to her. She stared at me, puzzled. I looked at her again, her face changes. Her brows became bushier.

“Oh, you really resemble a girl I know. She interned here the other time”

She smiles.

A lady walks up to me. Asks me to fill in a form, and says, let me take you around. She brings me to the company’s library. It looked like a massive bookstore. Everyone was preoccupied. Book in hand, plugged in to the music. It was perfect.

She takes me to her dinner place, newspapers all over. 2 grunge-looking guys sat there, perusing the papers with bike helmets on the table. I thought to myself – those guys are lawyers? Cool. Walked into another room, filled with more interns along a long table. They glanced over. One of them was a friend, he walked over. Midway through the conversation, I woke up.

This time, for real. Refreshed.

11:20am, back to reality.

The connecting bits which made the sequence of dream-events logical are beyond recall

Note to self: Leave the computer on standby mode or have pen and paper within reach

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