Time is a figure eight, at its centre the city of Deja Vu

10 Sep

"...All they lived for is Life itself therefore they live longer"

(Overheard, couldn’t see their faces as there was no light on the way up)

A random guy was asked a hard question. He paused for a minute or so.

The other guy got impatient and followed up, “So you don’t know the answer?”

And the first dude went, “No, actually I thought of the answer to your question, analysed your response, thought of my answer to your next question and now I’m stuck with your 4th question.”

All roads lead to Rome

(Looking lost, this dude comes up to me and starts speaking Greek)

Oh you’re not from here, you don’t understand? Let me teach you. It’s useful.

Good morning is Ca-le-mera. Repeat after me. Caaa-lerrr-meeeee-ra
Thank you is Hor-Stor
No is Oi
Yes is Noi

Quote of the day: “We shouldn’t be alive!”

(26 May 2010)


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