Word Salad III

6 Sep

I was at a certain coffee joint and wanted to try the new flavour, Strawberries and Cream. Except it wasn’t sold in a normal cup, but in a transparent tumbler which was banded together with the drink for 20 bucks.

Never mind, i’ll have a scone instead. But the girl at the counter wasn’t allowed to sell me one. “We’ve reached our sales quota of 20 bucks worth of scones at this joint..”

As she trailed off, her manager suddenly appeared from behind and boomed, “O balls, you’re not supposed to say that! It’s trade secret! You’re in trouble.”

She suggested some sort of beverage, but I explained I just had coffee and tea and more caffeine would be too next-level shit. I proceeded to renegotiate for the scone or the standard version of Strawberries and Cream.

Out of the blue, her colleague saunters in with an armful of Strawberries and Cream in cups. Therein lies the problem. They are still frozen, and won’t thaw until the next working day.

Her gung-ho colleague went “没事。”, whipped out a saw and shaved the rock-solid sides off right in front of me so I could drink the substance in the middle. Whaa?

K so I did get what I want, albeit in the weirdest fashion ever. I wonder what this means. Maybe I should buy 4D – 2020.


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