Word Salad II

2 Mar

It appears that there’s a new compulsory module at SMU, music studies.

We were split into groups and assigned a standard piece. Each week, we take turns to perform. It was our group’s turn this week. The first person went up. Got comfortable. But hey where’s the score?! We searched the entire line of desks, nothing.

I had my script written in short-hand (?!?). Volunteered to play to kill time whilst they searched.

Class ends. Too bad for us. “Make sure you don’t end up like this group,” she warns the rest of the class. A couple of them started crying. It’s a straight zero for our entire group.

As it turns out, Prof found the score on the piano top. Well hidden under the piano lace. Fantastic. We all get a second chance. Alas, if only we had searched the most obvious place.

Oh yeah, that’s the paradox of consequences for you.

6:35 am. Bzzzt.

Mum thought our connection was down and was about to rush me to some place with net access. In actuality, i had mistakenly turned off the modem switch. Sigh, could have gotten 1 hour more of shut-eye.

Groggy me will now proceed to edit the memo…


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