The Slowest Way to… Put Out a Fire

8 Feb

Argh I should be working on my Conflicts presentation – nvm, taking a quick breather is always good. Today during our break, Audrey and I spotted this interesting flyer.

In essence, I had to re-create an ad along the lines of “The Slowest Way to…” (as above). I’ve always wanted to further my art education yet my parents aren’t willing to sponsor me in my artistic pursuits, so this is a perfect opportunity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sigh, my sense of humour ain’t too good (many would attest to that) and I read somewhere that such jokes (as above) have a higher likelihood of making people laugh so I guess it’s worth a shot.

/edit. I was elated to have been selected for the scholarship. Sadly, the happiness was short-lived, as my parents told me that I can’t take it up, as I ought to graduate first before pursuing my ‘hobby’. Sigh, I would’ve wanted it to be more than a hobby, but oh well that sums up the story of my life.


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